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Gas Prices Reach Record High in Lubbock

Gas prices in Lubbock hit record high's today. NewsChannel 11 has been tracking gas prices all day in effort to find you the lowest prices in town.

"It's insane I never thought it would be over $2." Pocket pinching is back at the pumps now that gas has reached an all time high, which is why NewsChannel 11's Pump Patrol is on the prowl for the cheapest gas. A local driver told us, "I wanted to buy a big truck but couldn't afford it I could afford the truck, just not the gas." Another woman said her and her family drove all the way from Slaton, and $2.02 was the cheapest they found.

Lubbock Motorists Track Cheapest Gas Prices
Lubbock gas prices have now floored past the two dollar mark. Help Lubbock track the cheapest gas prices in town.

Although prices are surging, a handful of gas guzzlers didn't even notice. "The prices? I didn't even notice." One man wasn't surprised at all. "We knew it was coming, we knew it was coming, nothing you can do about it."

The lowest price we found was on 82nd and the Interstate at $1.99 for regular, the highest was $2.07. Prices in surrounding areas were about the same; Plainview was the cheapest at $1.99, Crosbyton hit $2.05, Levelland $2.07, Slaton $2.08 and Brownfield and Lamesa are the highest at $2.09.

Getting More Per Gallon
Unpredictable gasoline prices mean there's never been a better time for a vehicle tune up and to practice energy-wise driving techniques. Here is a list of tips that will not only improve a vehicle’s gas mileage, but also improve the overall performance and safety while reducing engine wear and tear.

To save money experts say, stay within the speed limit, and make sure to do some comparison shopping. And the best advice, fill up as soon as possible because we haven't seen the end of high prices AAA says the demand for crude oil both here and around the world are the reasons for the sudden price hike.

According to AAA, nationwide the average price for gas is $2.10 and they say prices will continue to rise up until summer.

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