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Red Raiders and Raider Fans on the Road to Final Four

The road to the final four has begun and tickets to see Coach Knight and the men are sold out. Fans lucky enough to get tickets will watch history in the making, but if you want to go to Albuquerque, your options are running out. Your only hope is paying hundreds of dollars on E-bay, or hundreds of dollars to a scalper at the game. That's because Tech's allotment of 1,250 tickets sold out within and hour and a half Monday morning.

Fan Bonnie Ohlig says, "We're going to win a national championship no doubt." Ryan Kimberling says, "My dad graduated from West Virginia, so I look forward to going down there and watching Tech whoop up on 'em." Bill Hipple adds, "I got here at 5:15 in the morning. I'm real excited about this game. I hope they can beat West Virginia and go to the elite eight."

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Dawning Red Raider gear and blankets, Tech fans gobbled up all the available tickets to watch the men play in the Sweet Sixteen. Hopes are high they'll go to the Elite eight for the first time ever. But your hopes of getting there are dwindling fast. Mark Stephen with Envoye Travel says, "We don't have any groups that are going. It's too short of an amount of time.. the turnover between that last one."

If you are going with the Red Raiders to Albuquerque, Stephen says don't pull into town expecting to find a hotel. "I would suggest they probably have their hotel reservation before they go, not just try to drive out there and try their luck. People will be coming in from all over the country."

Also, if you're thinking of flying, you're may be out of luck. All direct flights on Southwest are booked. Other airlines fly to Dallas or Houston first.

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As for hotels, NewsChannel 11 called around Albuquerque and if they aren't booked already, they're on their way, so you'll need to hurry. Tickets sold for $110 at the ticket office Monday, and they're well above that and rising on E-bay.

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