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Demand Of Hybrid Cars In Lubbock Increases

Prices at the pump increased one cent overnight bringing the average price to $2.07 in Lubbock. The rising prices are raising the demand for fuel efficient hybrid cars in Lubbock. NewsChannel 11 test drives the newest hybrid car to hit the Lubbock market.

"The demand has just been incredible," explains Tom Stathos, Honda Import Sales Manager. He says he's already sold 20 hybrid cars this year. "We hope to by the end of the year get over one hundred sold so that's a big increase, over 50% from last year," he points out.

Stathos says there are five hybrids on the market. The latest is the Honda Accord Hybrid. The V6 engine is powered by both gas and electricity. "It adds the electric power which requires no more gas," he says.

Stathos explains the hybrid's low gas usage equals less money out of your pocket. "So you're getting 30 miles in town and 37 on the highway," he says.

Experts say a hybrid car can save up to 43% on gas mileage when compared to other cars with V6 engines. "In other words with that 20 gallons you now have a 740 mile range as opposed to most of the vehicles in the same class you're going to have roughly around 300 miles to 500 miles," says Stathos.

The price tag on the Honda Accord Hybrid is almost $30,000. Buyers can deduct $2,000 from their tax return if they buy a hybrid car. We spoke with dealerships in Lubbock selling the other two hybrid models: Toyota and Ford. They both say demand has almost doubled since this time last year.

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