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Pharmacies Rush to Comply With New Meth Ordinance

Pharmacies across Lubbock are in a rush to comply with the city's new methamphetamine ordinance; the deadline is Saturday, March 26th. Lubbock is the first city in Texas to limit the sale of methamphetamine precursor drugs, or drugs used to make meth, and pharmacies are preparing for the change. One local pharmacy will stop carrying many of the meth precursor drugs altogether.

Starting March 26th, store owners will keep many common cold medicines in pill form only behind the counter. Caprock Discount Pharmacy Owner, Tony Jones says he'll stop carrying many of those drugs. "It's just going to be not worth the trouble and all the record keeping requirements to do it," said Jones.

On Tuesday, Jones pulled medicines such as Aleve Cold and Sinus, Tylenol Cold and Sinus, Tylenol Flu, Benadryl Sinus, Advil Cold and Sinus, plus numerous generic brands. Jones said he pulled at least 60 packages off the shelf, many of which he'll no longer sell at Caprock.

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In mid-January, police busted a meth lab in a Southwest Lubbock neighborhood. NewsChannel 11 asked people in that area if they think an ordinance will work."

Tabitha Colson said, "They're going to figure out ways to do it anyway. They could probably go out of town, even to south of Lubbock and bring it back to Lubbock and do it. Either way, they're going to get it done."

"I think it'll help," said resident, Kenny Burks, "It'll make people more afraid to go in and buy it."

Many pharmacies in Lubbock have already pulled medicines off the shelf, so you may see a lot of empty shelf space. Just ask the pharmacist for the drugs you may need.

Mayor Mark McDougal mailed a copy of the ordinance to surrounding cities in hopes they'll do the same.

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