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SOS Team Helps Message to Stop Drinking and Driving

Streets of Speed had a sobering reminder of the effects of driving under the influence.

The SOS crew visited Crosbyton high school where DPS held a mock crash called "Shattered Dreams," showing the reality of losing loved ones to drunk drivers. The program shows students what their lives would look like from the other side of the coffin. It is a tough love approach in a graphic crash scene where classmates are killed right in front of their eyes.

The scene seemed too real for parents that were watching their children participate in the Shattered Dreams program. Melanie Snodgrass said, "I have a daughter participating in this. It can be real, I know it's make believe but it's still kids being pulled out on a stretcher." Another parent said, "Once you turn emotions on, it's hard to turn them off. It hits home how real this can be, we're not invincible."

The message is don't drink and drive. DPS says 30% of accidents in the Lubbock area are alcohol or drug related, and most of those are with young adults between the ages of 16 to 27. Corporal John Gonzalez says, "This happens everyday to real people, real lives. They get a second chance today."

Streets of Speed wanted to help DPS keep sober drivers on the road before this scenario became a reality. Jason Trevino told us, "My brother was killed by a drunk driver about two years ago and my brother died. My cousin that lived had so many surgeries I don't even know. The drunk driver got away with a neck injury." The Trevino family has to live with the consequences of drunk driving everyday, which is why Jason volunteered. "If you drink, don't drive, there's innocent people, it's not worth it."

DPS hopes that "Shattered Dreams" will help eliminate teen deaths from drinking and driving during this prom season.

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