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Codes Officers Cracking Down In Lubbock Neighborhood

The codes enforcement department is now under the police department and officers are cleaning up the city one neighborhood at a time. On Wednesday code enforcement officers canvassed the Chatman Hill neighborhood, the first stop of monthly neighborhood crack downs and officers say your neighborhood may be next.

"What we're trying to do is make a cleaner Lubbock," explains Mark Richardson, code enforcement officer.

House by house Lubbock code enforcement officers are cracking down on violations. "Furniture in the front yards and things like that, trash and rubbish in the back yard," describes Richardson.

The first stop: a rent house officers say is not in compliance. "The shingles on the roof and the paint that it needs, the brick work, the trash and the weeds and all those type things are things that we look for," he explains. Broken windows round out the list of violations.

"I been in this area ever since I've been in Lubbock," says Irean Young, owner of the rent house. She will have 30 days to make repairs or be fined.

"We put an orange tag on the door which means they can not rent the property to anyone until they make the repairs that need to be made," says Richardson. But Irean says the list is overwhelming. "Now I'm thinking about selling it," she explains.

"Our goal is to get every house repaired and get people living in them and to improve the quality of life in this neighborhood," says Richardson. Including getting rid of junk vehicles in yards. "The policy now is that we put a citation on the door. They have ten days to comply, either tag the vehicle or move it," explains Richardson. If it's not taken care of, violators could face fines of up to $200 a day. Or they can choose to have the city remove their vehicles free of charge.

"We're looking to make people proud of their neighborhoods," adds Richardson.

If you'd like to report any code violations you can call (806) 775-2126. By the way, a junk vehicle board is on the agenda for Thursday's City Council meeting. The goal is to create a group that would target junk vehicles and cut the time frame for getting rid if them.

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