Consider This: Super Bowl 50 drops the ball on patriotism

Consider This: Super Bowl 50 drops the ball on patriotism

Sunday's Super Bowl 50 was a great game for all. What a fitting way for a genuine All American like Peyton Manning to finish his career. His citizenship and character are a model on and off the field.

But I was disturbed by a marked lack of patriotism by a few players and fans. I saw football players and fans alike who did not salute or show respect during the national anthem.

Some stood in blatant refusal to salute the flag. Others couldn't be bothered to stop what they were doing to acknowledge our great country and the sacrifice that built it.

Frankly, I am ashamed of that kind of behavior and you should be too.

Consider long as our men and women are fighting under that flag it is the duty of each American to pause and show respect during the national anthem.

If you participate in the blessings and privileges of living in this country then you owe it to those who serve, those who have given their all and their families to acknowledge their sacrifice.

So take your hat off, put your hand on your heart and give our nation and our service members the respect they have earned.

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