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Man who lost family in deadly crash was planning Valentine's Day proposal

David Perez David Perez

David Perez lost three people in a deadly accident in Crosby County.

It happened Tuesday morning outside of Ralls. Three people died, including a child.

Two others hospitalized after the crash have now been released. A third remains in serious condition.

Perez has been staying at UMC's Pediatric Intensive-care Unit with his 3-year-old daughter around the clock since Tuesday.

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David lost his mother Margarita, his girlfriend Britne and his son King in the crash.

"I'm trying to be as strong as I can to give my daughter the comfort she needs," he said. "She's all I have, I'm all she has. We're all we have from now on."

He says the type of love that his mother gave is the love he wants to give his daughter.

David had special plans for this upcoming Sunday and he asked Britne's father, Richard Garcia, for his blessing.

"He took me out and asked me for her hand in marriage," Garcia said. "He was going to propose to her on Valentine's Day."

"I'm still going to take my knee on Valentine's Day and I know what my baby would have told me if I had gotten to ask her," he said. "I'm still going to ask her to marry me and even though I'm not going to get a response."

An unimaginable blow, but he takes comfort in knowing his family left together.

"We all slept in the same bed but my daughter wanted to sleep with me and Mijo always wanted to sleep with his mom," he said. "God took both of them together and I'm okay with that for the simple fact, they always slept together and they'll forever sleep together. God left my daughter here with me because he knew if he would have taken her too, I would have lost it."

David plans to bury his son King in the same casket with Britne.

"My boy looked just like me. My daughter looks just like her," he said. "So forever, Britne will have a part of me with her and I'll forever have a part of her with me."

Family members tell us the funeral is set for Monday in Plainview at Trinity Church.

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