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Motorcycle Officers Keeping Lubbock Streets Safe

Every Tuesday our Streets of Speed team catches speeders in the action, but Lubbock Police officers are the real deal. Now, NewsChannel 11 introduces you to the motorcycle officers who patrol the streets of Lubbock and how they make them safer for you.

"It's a lot of heads up and that's what we try to teach these officers heads up and safety, keep your eyes out," explains Patrolman Adam Gutierrez.

They're considered Lubbock's finest. Motorcycle officers training to hit the streets of Lubbock. They're already out there but once a month they get back to basics. "Out here it's controlled. They use their techniques out here, that way when they get out there, it comes natural," says Gutierrez.

These officers prepare for the challenge of maneuvering a 1,000 pound motorcycle from high speeds to low speeds. "But very few people can come out and take that big motorcycle and drive it really slow through all the maneuvers and courses we have to go through," says Sergeant Terry Knots.

"The riding we do is very technical and it's very intricate," explains Patrolman Jason Lewis. It's an effort to reduce fatalities on the streets of Lubbock. "That's why we're here...busy streets, dangerous situations," says Lewis.

Everyday motorcycle officers patrol Lubbock streets, controlling traffic and catching speeders in action. "You can actually stop the cars that are running red lights where as if you were in car and you see someone run a red light, well you're just stuck in traffic with everybody else," points out Lewis.

Facing dangerous situations everyday, safety comes first. "If you make a mistake, you're probably not going to survive it. Safety for not only us, but for the public," explains Sergeant Knotts.

Of those who sign up to become motorcycle officers, only 30 % actually pass the 56-hour course required to be certified.

Lubbock Police Officer Applications Due
If you want to be a Lubbock Police officer, time is running out to get your application in.

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