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Teacher You Can Count On - Rob Cowell

England, Saudi Arabia, Norway - it sounds like geography but for Rob Cowell it's science. His classroom is at Ed Irons Junior High School, but everyday he takes his students around the world.

"Well today we've been discussing erosion and talking about erosion aspects of erosion and weathering," says Cowell.

It's a subject that most junior high students might consider to be boring, but Cowell always makes a habit of changing his students misconceptions about science.

"All of his life experiences, he's got so many great stories that relate to our real life," says Cashea Smith, an eighth grader at Ed Irons Junior High School.

"He always has good stories to tell which relate to what we're doing," says Devin Lewis, an eighth grader at Ed Irons Junior High School.

You see Cowell has lived all over the world and he's even able to relate today's subject on wind erosion to a time spent living in the Saudia Arabia desert.

"You know people think the deserts pretty barren and lifeless but there's lots of things out there to look at. Most of the beautiful things we have on the planet are due to erosional processes," says Cowell.

It's Cowell's firsthand knowledge of these subjects that have his students begging to learn more.

"He makes you ask questions and he inspires you to know the answers," says Smith.

"I have a poster up there on the front that says, 'To think is to question.' That's a lot of fun just to see them come up with answers and questions they ask," says Cowell.

It's his ability to teach his students through life lessons and relate to them on a more personal level that makes him a teacher you can count on.

"I can't imagine doing anything else. God has placed me in a good position. This is what I was called to do - to teach.

When Cowell is not busy teaching, he still enjoys traveling and spending time with his two little girls.

Now there's only a couple of months left before school gets out so if you know of a teacher that deserves to be recognized, send us an e-mail to teacher@kcbd.com.

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