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DWI Trailer Built for Lubbock Is First In Texas

The Lubbock County District Attorney's Office donated $3,000 from their drug forfeiture account to the cause. The money will go toward the purchase of a specially-made trailer to honor three little girls who were killed by a drunk driver in Seminole.

It will be the first of it's kind in Texas and the second in the nation. The mangled truck the children were riding in will be on display in a glass enclosed trailer. M.A.D.D. says it will be a larger than life powerful message of how drinking and driving kills.

"I saw this (the trailer) the day the crash happened. I talked to the Police in Fresno, California who built this, and asked them how I could build one for Lubbock. They said getting the donation is the easy part, but asking a family to donate the car is hard," said M.A.D.D. Victim Service Leader, Shannon Ramos.

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She said the Lindsey family was more than willing to share their story with other people through a mobile DWI trailer.

"We'll outfit it with TVs, the graphics, the police report and the outcome of the criminal case. It will be totally interactive so people will know what happened that day," said Ramos.

A drunk driver ran a stop sign and hit a family of five in Seminole. Ten year-old Rachel Lindsey, and her siblings 6 year-old Madelyn, and one month-old Yates were killed. The parents were the only ones who survived the crash.

Ramos says she's worked passionately to bring this unique trailer to Lubbock. She wants to help turn the family's pain into education and prevention for others.

"The Lindsey's are having to heal their hearts. There's nothing outsiders can do to heal that. We're working on this trailer and it's keeping M.A.D.D. and the community of Seminole busy. It makes us feel better and I hope it makes the family feel better too," said Ramos.

The DWI trailer will be used for events like the South Plains Fair, Texas Tech tailgating events, and for schools that want to use it. The trailer will be unveiled on the anniversary of the fatal crash in Seminole this August.

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