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Learning The Meth Ordinance Process

Next time you get a case of the sniffles don't be alarmed if the shelf usually so full of allergy and cold medicine at your local store suddenly looks a little empty. It's simply because the City of Lubbock's meth ordinance regulating the sale of certain over the counter drugs began Saturday. Authorities hope the ordinance will help reduce the availability of pseudo-ephedrine, the main ingredient used to make meth.

"Its like the old saying, a few bad apples spoil the whole barrel," says Jerry Zikmund, the store manager at Drug Emporium.

At Drug Emporium it used to be an easy one-two stop when you were sick. You could grab your tissues and Sudafed on the same aisle, but with the city's new meth ordinance in effect certain pseudo-ephedrine products are now being kept under lock and key.

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"It's really not a very involved process. Just maybe a little extra time than what they're used to," says Zikmund.

Zikmund showed NewsChannel 11 the steps consumers must take now in purchasing products such as Sudafed, Benadryl and Comtrex.

"They'll come in here pick out which medicine they want then the log book which the City of Lubbock requires us to keep is right here, that'll have to be filled out, says Zikmund.

Each person must present a valid drivers license and be 18 years of age. Included on the form must be the product the consumer is purchasing, the amount of medicine purchased and the consumers signature.

"This morning when I helped this lady, in this case I had to sign my name here in case of future problems," says Zikmund.

So far consumers reactions have been mixed towards the new process.

"I think it's a good ordinance. To many people abuse stuff like that and so it's worth the extra time to me," says Marty Hannah, a customer.

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"I think it's bunk. I mean I'd love for them to be able to shut down a meth lab. I mean it's just a lot of extra hard work or inconvenience for the regular people who use it as needed, says Scott Ralls, a customer.

Now the ordinance states you can only buy 3 of the regulated products per every 30 days. Also the ordinance is geared more towards the medicines in tablet form. The medicines in their liquid forms are still available over the counter.

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