Consider This: Civic duty to cast an informed vote

The March 1 primaries take place next Tuesday. Early voting began last week and continues through Friday.

Lubbock has vote centers. This means that on election day you do not have to vote at any one specific place. Complete vote center information can be found in the Decision 2016 section of or at

Next Tuesday's election is critical. The party nominees for President are still in play and Texas may have a deciding role in both primaries.

There are also contested local races on both Republican and Democratic ballots in Lubbock as well as surrounding counties.

Consider this: the privilege of self-government is wasted if you don't vote.

Voting is our civic duty, it is both a right and an obligation.

I encourage you to do your research. Look at a sample ballot ahead of time. Cast an informed vote.

Most of the time the American people get the government they deserve.

When you cast an informed vote you are helping to make our government better and more accountable.

And if you don't vote, frankly, your opinion afterwards just doesn't count for much.


Early voting locations

Election day voting locations

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