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Springtime Brings Curious Sight to Lubbock Roadways

All kinds of Harley owners shine up their chrome and ride this time of year. That's nothing unusual, but one Lubbock bike owner in particular will be turning heads and getting smiles from complete strangers for the fifth year in a row.  It's not because of his bike, but what he hauls behind it.

To take a quote from the Harley Davidson company: "For some, the road is not just where we ride, it's where we live." Apparently that saying doesn't just apply to mankind, it applies to his best friend too. Jim Davis says, "He took his first ride when he was six weeks old and ever since then, we take him with us everywhere." 

Jim and his 5-year-old blue heeler, appropriately named Blue, are inseperable. Blue's got his own custom trailer made just for him, and their's nothing he'd rather do than ride.  When asked if they turn a few heads, Jim says, "Everytime.  Nobody can hardly pass without smiling or a thumbs up.  It's kind of nice." 

Blue has been thousands of miles with the wind in his fur. So you may be wondering... how's he stay put?  Jim says, "He's smart enough not to jump out, cuz he'll get hurt. The only time he jumped out was we stopped at a stop sign in Austin and he saw a squirrel and he jumped out and that was the only time.  I told him no so he doesn't jump out anymore."

Of course, Blue's smarts don't just apply to his owner's Hog.  Frisbee and swimming are just two of many hobbies.  Jim says, "He gets the paper and when I get the mail he takes a piece in and I give him a treat." So many talents, but riding is by far Blue's favorite thing to do.  Jim says, "I tell people I have him, my Harley, my wife and my house.  He ranks at the very top."  Of course Jim says his wife come first!

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