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Blockbuster Settles Confusion Over "No Late Fees"

Confusion over the "no late fees campaign" will cost Blockbuster $630,000. That money will go to settle claims by the District of Columbia and 47 states including Texas.

The agreement also requires Blockbuster to make refunds to consumers who claim the campaign mislead them into thinking they could keep a video or DVD as long as they liked. Customers complained when overdue rentals were charged to their credit cards as a sale.

Despite the commercials playing on the South Plains, the campaign is not offered at Lubbock Blockbusters.

"No More Late Fees"... Not in Lubbock!
The start of the new year brought with it a new promotion from Blockbuster Video: "No More Late Fees." But if you return a Blockbuster rental past the due date here in Lubbock, you're in for a surprise... late fees still apply.

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