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Police Search At Canyon Lakes Uncovers Possible Murder Weapon

Seven months after armed robbers killed Lubbock 7-11 clerk Patricia Garcia , police find the weapon they believe was used.

Divers spent the past two days searching in East Canyon Lake and came up with the gun early Wednesday afternoon. The man charged with Patricia Garcia's murder, Raymon Jackson actually brought Lubbock Police to the lake. He showed police how he wrapped the gun and demonstrated how and approximately where he threw it in the lake.

On Tuesday, a volunteer dive team started searching for the gun. Thirteen divers took pictures under the water in different spots before finding it. They believe this evidence will help bring closure to the Garcia family.

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"We can't undo what's been done or bring anybody back, but to bring closure or to maybe find a piece of evidence that can tie the case together, it really makes you feel good about what you do," Will Hicks, a volunteer diver said.

The gun has been turned over to DPS for ballistics testing. Police believe it will assist in bringing a strong case against Jackson. A Lubbock Grand Jury indicted both Jackson and Victoria Harris on capital murder charges Tuesday. A thirteen year old male is also charged with Garcia's murder. The teens confessed to robbing the 7-11 in West Lubbock, where Garcia worked, last August. That's when, Jackson says he shot and killed the single mother of four.

If convicted, Jackson and Harris face life in prison or the death penalty.

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