Former teammates celebrate Lady Chap win

Former teammates celebrate Lady Chap win

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The number one LCU Lady Chaps are advancing to the NCAA Division 2 Elite 8 in South Dakota next Tuesday.

They won 88-68 in the South Central Regional Title Sunday over third-seeded West Texas A&M.

LCU is now 32-0 and they are one of two teams in NCAA Division two with a perfect record.

They are not the only ones celebrating their win.

Hannah Harbin, Tess Bruffey and Claire Bruffey were recruited from their high school team, the Lubbock Titans which is a local home school basketball team. They have been following their friends and say the win is much deserved.

"It was really exciting I was just so happy for them," Junior Titan player Emma Middleton said. "They've been working really hard for this and just knowing them so well it me so happy for them."

Renee Wilson was a Lady Chap herself from 2007 to 2011 and was also recruited from the home school basketball community. She said she got the text about the win from one of her former team mates.

"As soon as I saw the result I texted Coach Gomez and he of course made a joke about how awful I am at yoga back in the day," Wilson said. "But we're so excited so proud of the chaps. You know the Hallmark of this team is balanced scoring and unselfish play and that just resonates through the numbers and so we're just absolutely thrilled."

Wilson says she attributes it not only to Coach Gomez but to the girls Titan basketball coach Marla Harbin.

"Tess Bruffey had a monster game with 26 points the other girls contributed as well," she said. "It's just a tribute to Marla Harbin and the coaching that she's done and then also what Coach Gomez has managed to do in making these girls play in such a cohesive way, completely unselfish. We couldn't be more proud."

Middleton says watching her three former team mates reaching for their dreams inspires her.

"It's just so much fun to see them go through that win and achieve this goal they've been working on for so long," she said. It's pretty inspiring. I want to someday do what they're doing."

Haven Middleton is a former Lubbock Titan and she saw the win in person.

"After the game last night I was cracking up at Tess...she laid down in the confetti and started doing snow angels," she said. "Those girls are so fun to play with. They love the game and they work hard. Honestly those three girls are some of the biggest examples in my life of working hard and of persevering even when the odds are kind of against you."

Wilson says she can't wait to tune in next Tuesday as they head to South Dakota.

"I think that this kind of says it all; the game was sold out, very impressive," she said. "LCU started out in NAIA and now they've moved up to D2, it just seems like bigger and better things are on the horizon and so I think there's a lot of excitement generated around this particular team and around the run that they're making. I think they can go all the way."

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