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The Comb-N-Cut: Does It Work?

If you can comb hair, you can cut hair with this, the Comb-N-Cut. It costs around $30 but Does It Work? Your Comb-N-Cut kit comes with all the haircutting tools you will need which also includes a stylish apron.

Before we get started, you must know this product is mainly for men and women who have short haircuts. "See the blades moving back and forth?" says Leah Anderson, a student at the Salon Professionals Academy.

She says normally, you would drag the clippers upwards but these clippers you move downward in the direction of the hair growth. "Kind of iffy, I think it will leave a 'chili bowl' do," said Leah.

Leah took the clippers through a brave man's hair. "You don't do it in the same spot. The instructions said you have to keep it going," said Leah. She was trimming the man's hair and was not cutting a lot, which she was afraid the Comb-N-Cut would do. But like any of these do-it-yourself home devices, we needed to hand it over to see how manageable it was to do it by yourself. The man could make it work, although he would probably need some help with the back of his head.

"More like just a trim than a hair cut. This is the side we haven't cut yet and you can kind of tell the difference. It is a little bit longer," said Leah at the end of our test.

So Does It Work? We think it does!

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