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Lubbock Remembers Selena

Thursday March 31st marked the tenth year anniversary of the murder of beloved Tejano Music Artist, Selena. She was gunned down by the president of her fan club at a Corpus Christi motel in 1995. Lubbock fans continue to remember Selena, ten years later.

Power 106, one of Lubbock's Spanish radio stations has been flooded with requests for Selena's music. "Una estrella que todavia brilla," says DJ Sonya. 'A star that continues to shine,' that's how she says the Hispanic community remembers Selena. "She had so much passion, so much ambition, so much love," says DJ Sonya.

The Grammy award winning performer was on the brink of crossing over from the Tejano Music scene to mainstream before her tragic death. "We look back and think she should have been here," explains the disc jockey.

Left with the music that so many love, fans find other ways to commemorate the fallen singer. "What's your name," asks NewsChannel 11. "Selena," replies a 5-year-old in her mother's arms. "I'm a really big fan of Selena and that's why we named her Selena," explains the child's mother. Like so many, Maria Trevino and her family say they find a special connection to Selena's music, a decade after her death. "She just made us happy with her music and moved a lot of people and a lot of hearts when she left us you know but we still keep her in our hearts," says Maria.

Fans say her legacy is more alive today than ever before. "She's a part of us that will never die and as long as we're here and we remember her, her music will go on," adds DJ Sonya.

The president of Selena's fan club Yolanda Saldivar is serving a life sentence for Selena's death.

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