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Students Await Expulsion for Prank Plans

Two Lubbock High School students are being investigated for plotting a what is being called a "terroristic threat" against Lubbock High School. Two 16-year-old boys are facing expulsion after a school bus driver uncovers documents, detailing a plan to set fire to the school's gas line. The district is taking a pro-active approach to the threat, stopping it before something serious happened.

Nancy Sharp from LISD says "You don't go to the airport and joke about guns or bombs, and these students have been warned that threats are taken seriously, even if they are jokes or pranks."

What started as an April fool's joke, ended with the two students getting arrested. Sharp said, "There were no direct threats against people, just against property, for example, they reference a gas line and what would happen if the building would ignite by the gas line."

The boys had written down multiple plans to cause damage to Lubbock High School. Their notepad was left on the bus, where a bus driver found it, and turned it into LHS administrators. From there, it only was a matter of hours before they found the two boys, got a confession, and sent them to the Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program. Sharp added, "When we take threats seriously, we can ensure the safety of our students."

LISD has a no tolerance policy. Under the education code, the school district has the right to expel students if there is a planned threat.

Charges of terroristic threats are still being investigated, and until the school district decides the punishment, the boys will not be returning to school. The Lubbock DA's office will determine if charges are filed against the boys. The school district will decide if the boys can will be expelled for good.

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