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Locals Pray for The Pope

Here in Lubbock, many prayers have been going out for Pope John Paul II as his health has worsened. NewsChannel 11 was able to speak with Father David Cruz of Our Lady of Grace Church about the Pope. Father Cruz tells us he's been saying prayers for the Pope throughout his illness.

"All we know really is that he's been sick and what we've been doing is praying for healing of the Pope. Now, if God calls him home, we believe as Christians that healing will still come," said Father Cruz.

Eternal life is one thing many Catholics have faith in. Father David Cruz and his church members have been praying for the Pope to eventually heal, whether it's here on Earth, or in another place.

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"I think everybody's prayers are with him and hope he recovers quickly and fully and leads a great life," said one man.

Pope John Paul the 2nd is the leader of an estimated one billion Catholics worldwide. However, one local woman says prayer knows no religion.

"I'm not Catholic myself, but I still think it's very sad. I've seen all sorts of things on the news about Madonna dressing up as the pope and making fun of it. I think it's horrible, very sad," said one woman.

"When he goes he'll be in a better place and that's all that matters," said another man.

Father Cruz uses the words of Jesus and says "do not be afraid" to let the Pope move on to eternal life where he will without a doubt be cured.

"So the prayers aren't necessarily because we believe he may die, he may or may not. The prayers are that God will give him healing and peace," said Father Cruz.

Many local churches we spoke with say it's too early to organize a special mass on the Pope's behalf but they say they are prepared.

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