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Local Catholics React to the Pope's Condition

Here in Lubbock, prayers have been going out for the Pope's health. Several churches across the South Plains held special prayer services in Pope John Paul II's honor Friday, April 1st. At the time of the service at Christ of King Cathedral, the Pope hadn't passed away, so the Father gave a service on the Pope as a living person, rather than some sort of funeral service.

The Lubbock Diocese has asked churches to set up a memorial for the Pope. Christ of King Cathedral has already set up a portrait of the Pope where you can leave a letter or flowers for the him. NewsChannel 11 spoke with some people who went to the special service, they say this is a very sad time. Especially for Christ of King's organist who had the chance to meet the Pope.

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"I'm from Chile, in South America, and I went to the Vatican City because a Saint out of my country was being proclaimed. I met him back then and it's very touching now to have the opportunity to be the organist at the Cathedral here and the diocese and play a service of praying for his health and well being," said Organist, Eduardo Alcayaga.

Thousands of people worldwide have been offering up their prayers for the Pope's health, including at home in Lubbock.

"I've been a Catholic all my life and this is the right thing to do," one man said who attended the special service.

"It's just a fear of wishing him the best in these moments," said Alcayaga.

Alcayaga along with an estimated one billion Catholics worldwide pay respects and prepare to say goodbye to a leader they say has left a lasting impression on their religion. 

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"I think he's touched everybody. Just by the way he's led our people and the Catholic faith throughout the world and he's just been a model person for all to see," said another man.

"We had a special moment where just people that came and the committee's met privately with him. So we were as close as reaching out, shaking hands and all that. It was very emotional," added Alcayaga.

Once the Pope passes, churches have the option of covering the entryway with black curtains until he is buried.

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