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Local Residents Share Memories of The Pope

"A lot of Catholics connected very deeply with this Pope because not only his office, but because he was a very personable individual who kind of made you feel as though he was talking directly to you," says Clarke Cochran, a Catholic believer.

In Pope John Paul II's 26 years of service, a moment of silence would have embarrassed a man who lived his life simply to serve. But at St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church a moment of silence gave many the chance to say goodbye and most importantly remember the impact the Holy Father made in each of their lives.

"My impression of course starts back when he was in Poland, his fight against communism that's the big thing for me. He helped free the Polish people from the communist regime," says Madison Sowder, a Catholic believer.

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From generation to generation there is a different lasting memory made by the Pope.

"All the stuff that we've learned in confirmation class this year has focused or been brought from the Pope. The Pope's really shaped how we've been taught this year," says Harrison Reynolds, a Catholic believer.

Perhaps the biggest legacy the Pope will leave behind was an ability to touch every human being, no matter what their beliefs, from young to old.

"He was not only the leader of the Catholic church but he was also well respected and loved by the entire world," says Father Joy Thachil, with St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church.

"This is a Pope who made it one of his special missions to reach out to people who are not Catholic. It was an attempt to create unity, to bring unity and to testify to all of us being sons and daughters of God.

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