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Conservation Tips On Watering Your Lawn

Turn your sprinklers off during the day and turn them on at night...when we moved the clocks forward on Sunday, the city's water ordinance went into effect.

  • You cannot water your lawn between 10am and 6pm.
  • You cannot water your lawn during freezing or rainy weather - at any time.
  • You can water if you're doing it by hand or using a soaker hose.
  • You will also be permitted to water newly installed plants or grass.

Many times the question is how much should you water your lawn? A great test is to stick your finger in the ground to see how much water your grass needs. If your finger doesn't go very far down, the lawn needs more watering. Often times, the top of your grass will be dry so you'll want to keep on watering, but the water soaks into the ground. If it's soft then you have watered enough and the root of the grass is moist.

Gaylyn Chapman from the city of Lubbock says it's best to water thoroughly and not very often. She suggests another way to find out if your lawn needs to be watered. "Water when your grass needs it. You know, one of the rules you can use is if you see footprints in the grass. If you don't see footprints don't water it, save our water," she urges.

If your lawn happens to have some water run-off, it's not breaking the water ordinance. Though you are strongly encouraged to avoid it. A way to avoid that is by checking your sprinkler heads often to make sure they're not broken.

First time violators will receive a warning. After that, you face a possible $500 fine. Since last Spring was the first time the ordinance went in effect, the city tried to educate citizens on the rules, so no tickets were handed out, however several people did get warnings. The city warns they will be ticketing this year.

To report any violations, you can call the city hotline at 775-3952.

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