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Your Money At Work: The Lubbock Police Academy

Today, Lubbock police recruits train in a state of the art facility, with new technology, but that wasn't the case five years ago. Newschannel 11 has been following three police recruits through the academy and shows us how tax dollars have made the facilities, state recognized.

Taking tests with the click of a remote is just one of the latest ways Lubbock police are becoming more effective and more time savvy with the training process. "We take the test in multiple choice, then the e-instruction gives us the answers right away," says Recruit Olivia Lopez.

If you signed up for the police academy five years ago, there was not a computer grading program, no police simulator, and the classrooms were too small to fit a class size of 38 recruits like the class of 2005-A. Lopez says, "With a class this size I don't know how they would grade us. I think they invested very well."

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The city spent thousands to make sure the academy has the latest technology, and the recruits say the technology was well worth the money. "We have state of the art equipment, and I feel we're far better trained than other classes just because of the new equipment," says Recruit Kody Nesbit. And Recruit Jonathan Tutino agrees that the technology has helped their training. "We have a great city council. They gave us the tools to better serve our community," says Tutino.

The police simulator teaches officers the consequences of actions during hostile situations. Recruits feel this type of real-life training has been the most effective in the past eight weeks. Nesbit says, " I did the live scenario, and I learned more in there than I did in the courses."

Compared to five years ago, Lubbock Police say they are more efficient and better trained. And as the recruit classes keep growing to meet the goal of two officers for every thousand citizens, LPD says they are more prepared than ever.

To help meet their goal, LPD held an entrance exam this weekend. 413 showed up to take the test, and only 79 people failed. Those who passed, will take a physical test and then turn in an intensive 24 page background report. The next police academy will begin in August.

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