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City of Lubbock Starts Digging Test Holes for Water Wells

Lubbock Public Works Engineer Ches Carthel says it's going to cost Lubbock taxpayers less to water city parks. That's because the city is probing for the savings 190 feet underground into the Ogallala Aquifer.

"This is part of our plan from last year developed by the water commission to convert as many parks to ground water instead of using city water," said Carthel.

Monday morning, the drilling started at Rodgers Park and moved to Lopez Park. In one week, the city will have tested holes at 11 parks. Those parks include, Davis, Smith, Duran, Mahon, Remington, Stevens, Hoel, Guy, Kastman, and Ribble Parks.

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Carthel says the test holes will help the city measure water flow to find the best spot for a water well.

Carthel says the city will install the wells sometime this year. Phase two of this project includes more parks but he says not all of the parks will be financially worth the investment for taxpayers. The city will spend $750,000 for the total project.

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