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Gas Prices In Lubbock Reach Record Highs

Gas prices are at an all time high in Lubbock, and no immediate relief is in sight.

Lubbock drivers are paying a high $2.24 per gallon and an average $2.22 per gallon. Analysts say prices could spike 24 cents in the next few days. Some gas stations, like Bolton Oil Change, are having a hard time keeping up with the increases. Bolton's on 82nd and University had to change their sign twice in one day.

A number of factors make gas prices increase. Companies such as Bolton's buy oil from refineries who sell oil for a set price. The companies then factor in transportation costs. On a national level, high crude oil prices also contribute.

No one really knows when we'll see relief. In fact, one local company told us Tuesday's shipment of gas will likely be 10 cents higher.

Lubbock gas prices are still among the highest in the state. The only place higher is Midland at $2.29 per gallon.

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