Spotlight on Agriculture: TTU Athletics announces date of 5th annual Celebrate Cotton game

Spotlight on Agriculture: Celebrating the Cotton Game

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Texas Tech Athletics announced recently that the fifth annual Celebrate Cotton game will be September 17, 2016 as the Red Raiders host Louisiana Tech.

This game has become a tremendous partnership between Texas Tech and the cotton industry, and highlights the importance of agriculture to this region.

At the game, you'll see bales of cotton everywhere, along with harvesters, sprayers, and much more so we all can understand the investments producers make in growing a cotton crop. A runway show also is part of the festivities, featuring products made of cotton.

Why is this important to you? A healthy agricultural sector means more vibrant communities, and we all need to continue to be aware of agriculture's significant role in our economy.

For Spotlight on Agriculture, and Plains Cotton Growers, I'm Mary Jane Buerkle.

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