Consider This: 'We want a coach who is glad to be here'

Last week Texas Tech Athletic Director acted quickly to replace outgoing Red Raider basketball coach Tubby Smith.
The hiring of Chris Beard has been welcomed by fans who are tired of seeing Tech’s coaching positions viewed as a stepping stone to other jobs. I can’t say bigger, nor better, because I don’t consider Memphis or Cincinnati either of those.
It was refreshing to hear Coach Beard call Texas Tech his home. We want a coach who is glad to be here.
Consider this...the Red Raider basketball program has proven that success builds upon itself.
If you want fans in the seats, then win games. If you want loyalty of fans and students, make us proud with the program you build.
It’s all about wins and losses. Tech fans want to see this program continue to improve.
I challenge coach Beard to make this his home for a long winning a conference championship.
And when he does, I’ll be there and I hope you will be too.

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