Three taken to hospital after car plows through George's on 4th Street

Injures reported after vehicle plows through Lubbock restaurant (6 p.m.)

LUBBOCK COUNTY, TX (KCBD) - A vehicle crashed through a wall at George's Restaurant at 5407 4th Street just after 2 p.m. Friday. The restaurant is located on 4th Street across from Bodyworks.

Lubbock police say an elderly woman thought she was putting her foot on the brake and hit the gas pedal instead as she was parking in front of the restaurant.

Three people were injured in the crash, but their injuries are not considered life-threatening.

The vehicle was completely inside the building, and has been towed from the scene.

George's Cafe cook Erik Mahal describes the sound he heard from the kitchen: "It was this thunderous roar."

"I saw a car coming in, somebody was being pushed by the car," Mahal said. "There was glass shattering, you heard the rubber kind of screeching, you heard people started to scream and yell. People started to cry."

Erik says his first thought was to protect the patrons.

"Our wait staff was telling everybody to stay still and making sure nobody was pinned underneath the vehicle," he said.

He says he cut off the power and called 911. Authorities arrived within minutes.

Meanwhile, employees from other businesses in the strip center came out to see what happened.

"There's really no words for that. Just imagine you're eating and a car comes at you. Iy's terrifying," Anna Reyes, who works in the strip center, said.

Loyal customers of George's reacted to the news, thankful to hear no one was seriously injured.

"Just pray for the people, and that nothing like this happens again. I know it's devastating to the business," Barbara Helstrom said.

And while this accident sent a shock through the entire staff at George's, Erik says today reminded him just how much of a family they really are.

"We helped each other and made sure that everybody was ok. That's what I find so great about working here," he said. "It's the family sense that we have. I think an experience like this just further proves how much we do care about each other."

The driver and passenger of the car were not injured.

According to their Facebook page, the restaurant has met with city code inspectors and health department and will be open for business at their normal hours on Saturday:

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