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Milwaukee Ave. Could be the Next Slide Road

City Leaders believe Milwaukee Avenue has the making to be the next "Slide" Road in Lubbock, but better.

Evidence of development can be found at the corner of 4th street and Milwaukee. Developers built a new restaurant that is open for business. It's just the beginning of something big happening right now in Lubbock. The city is turning Milwaukee into an $18 million major through-street. The project will span four miles from 34th Street to 92nd Street. The intersection of 98th street and Milwaukee is nothing but dirt roads, and in one year it will all be transformed into a 7-lane concrete corridor.

City Councilman Tom Martin says the city is planning for the future. He says Lubbock grows about 3,800 new residents a year and Milwaukee just happens to be the "sitting duck" for new development.

"Our estimate from our business development department at the city conservatively says the new Milwaukee corridor, when it's completed, will generate about one billion dollars of new construction. Both residential and commercial development will go on the tax rolls probably in the next five years," said Martin.

In about one year, Martin says the little dusty road will become Lubbock's only corridor where a driver can drive continuously from north Lubbock to the Southern part of the city.

Martin says the money came from the city's Gateway Streets Project Fund, which generates revenue from our utility fees, like phone, gas, cable and power.

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