Consider This: Know when you're supposed to water

On April 1st, the city of Lubbock implemented its Stage 1 Drought Contingency Plan for city residents.

These restrictions dictate what days and times you may water your lawn. The days and times can be found here and at the city of Lubbock website.

We live in a semiarid climate that does not have enough rainfall to support our population. Our water must come from other places.

The planning that goes into providing water for Lubbock is quite remarkable. We have a growing, vibrant city of over a quarter million people with sufficient water for green lawns and lush gardens.

It has come at a real cost. Roughly thirty percent of Lubbock's city debt is related to getting water.

Consider this...water is a precious life-giving commodity that must be conserved.

I applaud the work that has been done in the past to secure water for Lubbock.

Each one of us must do our part to conserve for ourselves and generations to come.

Let's face it, there are few things that irritate people more than to see water running down the road.

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