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DNA Links Lubbock Man To 1996 Murder Case

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DNA evidence has linked a Lubbock man to the woman police say he killed in 1996. Now, Albert Martinez Junior is charged with capital murder in the death of Eva Camacho Garcia. It was at the Central Baptist Church before services Sunday morning in October of 1996 when a church secretary noticed something in the bushes. That something turned out to be the naked dead body of 45-year-old Eva Camacho Garcia.

For the first time, Garcia's family is beginning to find closure. 36-year-old Albert Martinez Jr. scooted through the Lubbock County Courthouse Thursday morning for an arraignment that would result in a capital murder charge.

Victim's Family Reacts to New Developments in Cold Murder Case
A major break in a murder case that has haunted a Lubbock family for nearly nine years.

"Mr. Martinez do you understand the charges that have been brought against you," asks Judge Jim Dulin to Martinez. "Yes," replies Martinez.

Eight and half years after Eva Garcia's body is found naked in a downtown church parking lot, Martinez is charged with her murder.

"Your bond will be set in the amount of $500,000," states Judge Dulin.

The cause of death was ruled as asphyxiation and in 1996 there was no evidence of sexual assault. But today, authorities added a charge of attempted sexual assault. "I came to Lubbock in 1995, and I've told many people that this young lady's body was the first dead body I saw in Lubbock County. And so obviously when you see the type of injuries and the death that she sustained we were happy to be here on this day to finally have some held accountable, or at least bring them into court and let the jury decide if they are accountable for her death," explains Matt Powell, First Assistant District Attorney.

A DNA match was found one year ago but authorities weren't able to tie that match to Martinez until two weeks ago. They didn't have to look far, he was already in jail on a probation violation. "He hasn't gone in to great detail as far as what the events were but he did indicate taking responsibility for her death and kind of in a round about way said 'I take responsibility for what's happened and I'm sorry for what's happened," says Powell.

In 1996 Garcia was last seen leaving the Mirage Club. The suspect admits to having sex with two or three different woman at three different clubs on the night Garcia was killed. Powell says he is not sure if Garcia was one of those women but Martinez does admit seeing both Garcia and her husband at the Mirage club.

Garcia was a mother of six and a grandmother to 15. Authorities have been in contact with Eva Garcia's family, and they say, they knew this day was coming. Meanwhile, Matt Powell tells NewsChannel 11 Albert Martinez could face the death penalty.

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