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Teacher You Can Count On - Mark Philbrick

Visit Room 15 at Coronado High School and you will soon understand why Mark Philbrick says he works with the most eager learners.

"They just come in with such a great attitude. They try their best everyday and they just think science rules as you heard that one student say," says Philbrick.

You see Philbrick teaches earth science to Coronado's special needs students and it's how he teaches that impresses those that work with him the most.

"The best thing I like about Mr. Philbrick is that he is on hands hands on all the time. He always wants his kids to be holding something, touching something, doing something with their hands," says Letticia Sanchez, a vocational job coach at Coronado High School.

"There's the Chinese proverb that says I hear and I forget, I see and I remember and I do and I understand. That's kind of the way I like to do my teaching," says Philbrick.

But Philbrick isn't only loved for his style of teaching, he works hard to have a personal relationship with each student, evidence of that can be seen in his open door policy when class isn't in session.

"We have a really nice time at lunch time. Anyone can come in here," says Sanchez.

"The room's always open. I have three or four chess boards. I started learning how to play guitar and so a couple of my students have bought guitars. We come in and have jam sessions," says Philbrick.

"The kids really feel like they're a part of his life not only a student at Coronado, but somebody special somebody that belongs to Coronado," says Sanchez.

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