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New Robotic Lab at Covenant

For the first time in this area, machines are cutting down on medical mistakes in the lab now that Covenant Hospital has adopted an automated laboratory robotics system to sort through the 50,000 tests that come through there every week.

Tom Redford, Director of Covenant's Lab Services, Thursday to explain how this offers a huge benefit to patients. "The robotics reads the bar code, takes the patient identification, matches it with those tests and runs those tests. Then it's sent to the floors and physicians by computer. It's safer for the patient because their's less chance of mix up of patients samples. It's also safer for employees. They are allowed to handle blood much less," says Redford.

There's more technology on the way for Covenant. Redford says his lab is in training now for a same day tissue processor which means soon, all patients tested at Covenant will be able to get the results the same day of their biopsy rather than waiting overnight to find out if they have cancer.

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