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Victim's Family Reacts to New Developments in Cold Murder Case

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A major break in a murder case that has haunted a Lubbock family for nearly nine years. On October 27th, 1996, a church secretary at Central Baptist found 45-year-old Eva Comacho Garcia's body lying naked in the bushes. Albert Martinez Jr. was already jailed on a parole violation, and Thursday, April 7th, he was charged with the capital murder of Garcia.

Garcia left behind six children, 15 grandchildren, and two great grand-children. Even after Martinez's arraignment, her family still carries nine years worth of pain and emptiness.

Eva's oldest child, Maryane Garcia says, "It's hard without a mother because it's always- you always go to mom. Now, it's like she was just taken away from us."

Maryane said her mother was known for having a big heart. She opened her home and gave advice to anyone who needed it. She says Martinez's charges still don't ease the pain. "I was happy, then just sad because it's just yesterday. I mean it's like it just happened just yesterday," said Maryane.

First Asst. District Attorney, Matt Powell said, "It's really satisfying to us when we can get an old case like this solved. I came to Lubbock in 1995, and I've told many people that this young lady's body was the first dead body I saw in Lubbock County. And so obviously when you see the type of injuries and the death that she sustained we were happy to be here on this day to finally have someone held accountable."

Powell could push for the death penalty because of Martinez's capital murder charges. However, he Garcia's say death is the easy way out for Martinez. "I'd like to see him suffer just like she did. To feel pain like she did," said another family member.

Maryane says she does feel some relief knowing Martinez will not be free, but justice will never give her back her mother. "I know she's never going to be replaced. It's just we love her so much and we miss her so much."

Garcia was last seen at the Mirage Club. Martinez has admitted to seeing her there with her husband that night. Martinez says he was aquatinted with Garcia's husband. A police report states Martinez had contact with Eva after they left the club that night. Until her husband showed up, he wouldn't give any further comment.

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