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Dr. Richard Lampe: 'Protecting the Herd' with vaccines


Earlier this week, we told you that health officials in Memphis, Tennessee, are trying to contain what could become a measles outbreak, now that six cases there have been identified there.

Now, an outbreak of Mumps in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has infected 40 people at Harvard.

This is National Infant Immunization Week.

The MMR vaccine is routinely given to kids at age one to protect against Mumps, Measles and Rubella.

And since hundreds of babies are born in Lubbock every month, Dr. Richard Lampe says the people who can get vaccinated should get vaccinated, something that is commonly referred to as  'protecting the herd'.

He says, "Children get the measles vaccine at a year of age. So, all the children under a year are susceptible to measles.  To protect those children, we need to make sure 95% of adults and children are immune against measles. Then those children will be safe."

Dr. Lampe says that also protects children with cancer whose chemotherapy treatment prevents them from getting the vaccines they need.

As for the concern that vaccines are not safe, Dr. Lampe says that is a myth stirred by social media that is just not true.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says vaccines are safe and effective without question.

And if you would like to read more, Dr. Lampe suggests some very good blogs written by mothers who are also Pediatricians.


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