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Share your story during Mental Health Month


May is all about hashtags and Facebook posts and whatever you can do to share the focus on Mental Health Month.

The theme this year is Mental Illness – What it feels like.

Dr. Shena Smith is a Psychologist and Director of the Covenant Horizon Clinic.

She says, "We're encouraging people to share their personal experience with depression, bi-polar, schizophrenia, PTSD.  And the hope is that by sharing those personal experiences, people can also connect and recognize those symptoms."

Dr. Smith says you can always take your concerns to a primary care physician. But if you feel more comfortable, she says you might start talking to whoever leads your place of worship and they can point you to where you can go for help.

The theory is if patients and families will open up about their experiences, others will share their feelings as well.

The goal is that ultimately, greater awareness of mental illness will help shatter the stigmas that keep many from getting the help they need.

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