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Texas Tech Off-Campus Routes in Jeopardy

2,500 Texas Tech students who rely on Citibus to get them to class, may need to find another ride next fall.

Every student pays $48 for a transportation fee. $3 of it goes to off-campus bus rides to and from remote locations in town. 10% of Texas Tech students utilize the service but more are anticipated. "Right now, due to increasing in the amount of the apartments that are coming up in Lubbock, we don't have enough money to subsidize fully what we have proposed to be the new northwest route," said Texas Tech Student Government Association External Vice President, Ryan Worley.

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He says the new route would cost $350,000. He says the SGA has asked the school for a 25 cent fee increase to help pay for the route. He's hoping the other half will come from somewhere else. The plan? "What we did is ask the apartments to subsidize the costs because students could no longer pay for it," says Worley.

Worley says he has until July to get the apartments on board with his plan. If it doesn't happen, then off campus shuttling will go away completely. Students who currently ride the bus will be left searching for a parking place on campus.

"If I didn't have the bus, I would have to buy a parking pass and that upsets me because that's just more money I'm spending to go to Tech," said Sophomore Scott Weiser. "I wouldn't have a choice but to pay a ludicrous amount for a parking pass," said Senior Michael Jewell.

Worley says if the apartments agree, then they may pass the cost to the residents. But, Raiders Pass says 50% of its residents use the bus. Worley plans to meet with the apartments next week.

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