Consider This...Japan trip not a function of city government

As the KCBD Investigates team reported to you last week, the city of Lubbock spends taxpayer dollars every year on a cultural exchange with a "sister city" in Japan.

Lubbock's Junior Ambassador program appears to benefit everyone except the Junior Ambassadors. The city pays for council people, staff and staff spouses to travel to Japan and sightsee. In fact, the city pays for everyone except the Junior Ambassadors.

In a twisted arrangement that operates exactly opposite of great privately funded programs like the Honor Flight, the students the city council claims this program benefits are forced to pay their own way.

But even that outrage begs the question of whether sponsoring sightseeing trips to Japan is a function of city government and ought to be funded by taxpayers.

Consider this... It is ridiculous that we spend any money on vacations for council, staff and staff's family.

It doesn't matter how small the amount is in comparison to the city budget. If council cannot be trusted to spend money properly on small things, how can we trust that there is not a lot more wasteful spending in a 750 million dollar budget.

KCBD INVESTIGATES: Thousands of your tax dollars pay for council trips to Japan

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