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People's Junk Becomes Others Treasures

The South Plains Fairground was flooded with antiques, toys and thousands of people Saturday for the garage sale of all garage sales. The Bigger 'N Texas Garage Sale, sponsored by the Lubbock Avalanche Journal, gives people a chance to, well rid themselves of some junk.

"It's fun we people watch and then we can clean out some closets and make a few dollars," says Richard White, a vendor at the garage sale.

It's White's third year to participate and practice his selling skills. For Charlene Russell, another vendor, it's a chance to do some shopping all of her own.

"I collect rats and I found me a beautiful ashtray and I don't even smoke," says Russell.

Of course I'm sure you're wondering how one comes about collecting something such as a rat.

"I used to work at a school and I got an award for rat killing because we had some loose rats in the school that were almost dead and I killed them," says Russell.

That explains it.

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Charlene even brought back some old memories for me.

"We got 20-year-old Barbie dolls in the box. These are 20-years-old I'm telling you," says Russell.

But this is just the beginning of the ultimate bargain shoppers dream.

"There's everything out here at cheap cheap prices," says one bargain shopper.

From the surreal, to the oh so slightly used, to the...well there's really no other word to describe golf soap than as truly unique. I mean there's nothing you can't find out at the Eighth Annual Bigger 'N Texas Garage Sale and now I must give some bargain shoppers a moment to brag.

"I've got about two different pick ups I've gotta make in there. I got everything for $12.50," says one bargain shopper.

"I spent a dollar for the shirts," says another bargain shopper.

Also just as a rule of thumb, be sure to never tell a bargainer that all they have is a sack of junk.

"Oh no! These are treasure, these are treasures," says a bargain shopper.

Shoppers had to pay to get into the Bigger 'N Texas Garage Sale, but that money will benefit the Children's Miracle Network. You can catch the CMN Telethon June 4th and 5th right here on NewsChannel 11.

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