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Breakthrough transplant for Men Only

(Source: KCBD Graphic) (Source: KCBD Graphic)

A first for doctors at Boston's Massachusetts General Hospital. That's where they have performed the nation's first penile transplant.

A 64 year old man lost part of the organ due to cancer. So, in a 15 hour procedure, doctors gave him a new one from a deceased donor.

Doctors say normal urination should be possible in a couple weeks. And even sexual function could be possible in weeks to months.

Doctors there said today this is a major breakthrough 3 years in the making.

They are very hopeful now that this kind of transplant will open the door to a large patient population, such as wounded warriors who return home with devastating genital injuries.

This is a first for the United States, but the first successful penile transplant in the world was performed in South Africa in 2014.

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