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Slaton Considering Meth Ordinance Much Like Lubbock

Less than three week after the City of Lubbock adopted its meth ordinance, another city is following suit. The City of Slaton is considering a similar ordinance, which would limit the sale of over the counter drugs used to manufacture meth.

Lubbock's meth ordinance took effect March 26th. The idea was pitched in Slaton after Lubbock Mayor Mark McDougal sent a copy of Lubbock's ordinance to 46 mayors in surrounding cities, Slaton being one of them. McDougal hoped other cities would adopt a similar ordinance.

Learning The Meth Ordinance Process
As of Saturday, Lubbock became the first city in the state of Texas to pass a meth ordinance. NewsChannel 11 explains the steps consumers must take now to purchase products such as Sudafed, Benadryl and Comtrex.

On Tuesday, April 12th, Slaton City Council members tabled the issue. They say they want to gather public opinion before taking action.

In Lubbock, the ordinance requires meth precursor drugs to be kept behind the counter, you must show an ID and sign a log before you can purchase the items.

Also in Lubbock, the police department helps monitor activity. Slaton doesn't have the manpower of Lubbock, therefore, Slaton Mayor, Don Kendrick said they need to figure out how to enforce an ordinance.

However, Kendrick said if meth is of concern in Lubbock, it should be of concern in Slaton. "Those people that are buying those items and manufacturing the drugs could come here and buy the same thing without regulation. So it makes sense that all area communities have the same regulations," said Kendrick.

In the meantime, the city attorney will draw up a plan tailored to Slaton. The item should be ready for action by the next council meeting in May.

City of Lubbock Meth Ordinance
Take a look at the complete meth ordinance for the City of Lubbock.
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A Closer Look at Meth
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