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Windy Man Could be Making A Come Back

The side of  an overpass.  This was once the home of"Windy Man," an image of an old man blowing wind. Then, someone chiseled its face away leaving the Texas Department of Transportation no choice but to take it down.

But it may not be the end of concrete sculpture. NewsChannel 11 found out a committee will consider putting the sculpture back up as one of many designs for the Marsha Sharp Freeway. The "Windy Man" was placed on the side of the spur flyover across from Chuck E. Cheese last summer.

Vandals Strike Windy Man
The Windy-Man may have to come down from a Lubbock highway retaining wall after all.

Within weeks, people made it known how offended they were through Letters to the Editor in the Lubbock Avalanche Journal. " displays to our neighbors nationwide that we are allowing pagan gods to be displayed surrounding our city," one letter said. Another one said..."God has blessed us with abundant rain for the farmers and we insult him by putting up wind gods."

It was a controversy that escalated, where others didn't mind it.

TX DOT says they are not ready to comment on the "Windy Man" publicly, but did say if it does go back up, this time it will be placed out of reach.

Seven years ago, the city council appointed a committee of Lubbock citizens who came up with the idea of "Windy Man."

NewsChannel 11 was told the committee may accept the idea of bringing it back or it may just be turned away because of all the controversy it caused.

Windy Man Controversy Comes To An End
Bricks and mortar are going up where the so-called Windy Man once called home in Lubbock.

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