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Protect your family with Hepatitis A vaccine

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One case of Hepatitis A in a restaurant could shut down the place and send dozens of people to the health department for testing.

But a vaccine could protect you, the customer, or the employee from any risk.

That's just one reason why the government recommends the vaccine against Hepatitis A.

Dr. Dennis Duriex, an Infectious Disease Specialist at Covenant, says "Hepatitis A is a virus. It causes about 50 percent of the Hepatitis cases in this country alone. The incidence has really gone down by about 90 percent since the vaccine was introduced  in 1995. It's a two dose vaccine given six months apart. And it's recommended for everyone over the age of one."

Hepatitis A can lead to liver trouble. Frequent handwashing is the best prevention. But since you can't control the hygiene habits of other people, Dr. Duriex adds that especially before travel, the Hepatitis A vaccine is encouraged enough in advance to get both shots for the full protection.

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