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The California Mini Duster: Does It Work?

I figured since it's windy and the wind is blowing dust around like crazy, this is the perfect time to test the California Mini Duster.

We're going to take it to different places around NewsChannel 11 and see if this gadget works.

For ten bucks, we cleaned the dusty dash board of the First Alert Stormchaser. And let me tell you the mini-duster had quite a chore to do. But it met the challenge and seemed to work just fine!

Then we headed over to the engineering office and hit the jackpot. We found an 1/8 of an inch of dirt on a ledge. We went ahead and dusted the TV which had just as much dirt on it. The mini-duster didn't give up on me. But you should have seen the amount of dirt that was on the rag. That's OK, because the package says the dirtier this thing gets, the better is works.

We proceeded to a dirty clock. Not a problem. We hunted down a dirty computer and keyboard. Although the duster took the dirt off the monitor, it didn't take out all the dirt from the cracks of the keyboard. It just surfaced cleaned the top.

We headed over the sales where we found a duty shelf that looked like it had a years worth of dust on it. We tackled it though, and the amazing part was - the duster caught the dust, rather than push it around like a feather duster.

So all in all, I do believe the dirtier it got the better it worked. The mini duster caught all the dust rather than push it around. I think this little gadget works!

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