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HealthWise at 5 From 4.13

  • Lazy Eye

It may not be too late to treat an older child's lazy eye, new research suggests. In a study funded by the National Eye Institute that reviewed the cases of 500 kids, researchers were surprised to find that kids over age 7 could still benefit from the treatment of amblyopia, or 'lazy eye'. Treating with glasses, an eye patch and eye drops helped improve vision in the older children, something that typically had been done just on little children. Researchers say the findings underscore the importance of screening children of all ages for the disorder, which affects about 3% of children in the U.S.

  • Insomnia Obesity

A new study offers clues into why people who can't sleep at night might be more likely to gain weight. Researchers found brain cells that regulate sleep are so sensitive they can be altered by any type of stress. So, when stress happens, the brain tells the body to stay awake and it increases the appetite instead. Researchers say this may be one reason why insomnia is often associated with obesity. They suggest if you can reduce your stress level, you may help yourself to a sweet sleep, but also stay slim.

  • Organic Milk

Move over Atkins, another new health craze is on the way. The Dallas Morning News reports organic milk is flying off the shelves. Suppliers are dealing with shortages for the first time since organic products hit mainstream supermarkets. A spokesman for the nation's largest dairy producer told the paper the demand for organic milk over the winter has "gone crazy." So what makes organic milk? An organic cow, which means it is free of bovine growth hormones and most antibiotics. If you are wondering whether it's available in Lubbock, you can get it at any United, Albertsons or Lowes Supermarkets.

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