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Healthwise: A Pill to Swallow for Weight Loss


It sounds like a dream, to swallow a pill for weight loss.

But a new 6 month balloon system does that for obese patients who are unable to lose weight with diet and exercise.

The capsule called Obalon contains a gas-filled balloon that fills the stomach so there's little room to eat.

Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine studied it on a test group and found patients lost nearly 7 percent of their body weight, twice as much as the placebo group.

The program uses a series of 3 pills. Then, at the end of the 6 months, all 3 are removed in an outpatient procedure.

It's not yet approved by the FDA. But a similar balloon system, called Elipse, is also in clinical trials.

Some say Elipse is even more revolutionary because it can be passed from of the body.

Obalon is already used in some other countries, particularly in Mexico where it has become a frequent prescription.

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