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Long Trial- Day 2: Prosecution Tries to Prove Intoxication

Was Callie Long legally intoxicated the night she hit bicyclist Brett Walrath? That's the question attorneys argued in a Lubbock courtroom on day two of the trial.

Long's accused of driving drunk, then hitting Walrath on Loop 289 in August 2003. He died five months later.

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Day two of the Prosecution's case was just as active as the first. The day began with the Prosecution showing a video of Callie Long doing her sobriety tests with Lubbock police. The state is trying to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Long was drunk the night of the crash.

Divided attention is what police sobriety tests are based on because each test requires a driver to do more than one thing at a time. The two tests the Prosecution focused on were the walk and turn test and the one leg stand. A driver can be considered intoxicated if they get 2 out of 8 clues for the walk and turn. An officer on stand said Callie Long had 6 clues. If you get 2 out of 4 clues on the one leg stand you would also fail, the officer said Long had two clues.

The other thing Prosecutors are looking at is the blood test, the legal limit is .08, according to an expert witness, Long's test registered at .13.

Arguments for intoxication began with the Prosecution's video evidence of the sobriety tests, as well as three witnesses testifying that Long was intoxicated. The Defense argued that officer sobriety tests are subjective, and that they can vary because of a person's height, weight, age, or injuries. The Prosecution then moved onto the blood alcohol level being over the legal limit, but the Defense argued the blood sample could possibly be contaminated.

The Prosecution's case is supposed to wrap up on Thursday, and they'll begin the trial with where they left off with trying to prove intoxication.

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