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Police Discover 119 Marijuana Plants Inside South Lubbock Home

Lubbock Police discovered 119 illegal reasons why the occupants of a south Lubbock home should have looked suspicious to its neighbors.

29-year-old Robert Thompson of Lubbock is now in custody for possession of marijuana after Lubbock Police literally stumbled upon the major drug bust. They first arrived at 2731 80th Street around 11:30 a.mm Wednesday, in response to a burglary call. That's where they found 119 marijuana plants and several weapons.

Police arrested Thompson, leaving neighbors shocked.

"A little bit shocked," said Thompson's neighbor. That that pretty much sums up everyone's attitude after police found the marijuana plants.

The South Lubbock neighborhood is a quiet area where residents can take an evening walk with no worries. Resident, Harvie Pruitt was doing just that when he told NewsChannel 11, "you never can tell. The house looks nice, nice neighborhood."

Possibly even more deceiving, the homeowner has "Winnie the Pooh" painted on the curb.

Another resident, Robin Thompson, said,"just because he has a nice house and nice vehicles and stuff, you just don't know what kind of person they are."

Police found a heat lamp inside the home used to grow marijuana, along with several illegal weapons.

Pruitt said "I think it can happen, but not in our neighborhood."

Even though such incidents aren't suspected in that area of south Lubbock, Pruitt says during future walks, he'll pay closer attention to his surroundings.

Currently, Thompson is the only person in custody. The narcotic division is investigating whether anyone else was involved.

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